The AGRI courses focus on the agriculture part and will mainly present the complex soil-water-plant-atmosphere interactions, some specific soil sensor technologies and constraints and some examples of sensor deployment in fields

A number of tutorial resources will explain some agriculture knowledge useful to understand INTEL-IRRIS irrigation objectives. Many of those tutorials are selected from third-party presenters. They are organized somehow sequentially below.

There are also many links to more tutorial materials in the LINKS section

Course #1

Bozeman Science – Soil and Soil Dynamics

Course #2

Pr. Mohammed Benkhelifa – L’eau dans le sol et contraintes de l’irrigation

Course #3

Pr. El Aissaoui Abdellah – Technologies des capteurs pour l’irrigation de précision : performance, choix technique et économique

Course #4

Water Movements in the Soil

Course #5

UNL CropWatch – How to Schedule Irrigations with Soil Water Data. Part 1 : Irrigation Scheduling Basics

Course #6

Dr. Christian Hartmann – Capteurs à bas coût pour la mesure de l’eau dans le sol : opérations préliminaires de calibration au laboratoire

Course #7

Dr. Bassou Bouazzama – L’irrigation au Maroc face au changements climatiques: les nouveaux défis

Course #8

Garden Fundamentals – Understanding Soil Types and Soil Texture (test your own soil)

Course #9

Challenge Agriculture – Piloter l’irrigation goutte-à-goutte avec l’échographie du bulbe

Course #10

Challenge Agriculture – Pose sondes Watermark en sol facile

Course #11

Irrometer – Watermark Sensor Installation – Direct Burial

Course #12

UNL CropWatch – How to Schedule Irrigations with Soil Water Data. Part 3 & 3 on Irrigation Scheduling