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Soil-Water-Plant interaction

Watermark-related resources 

Digital technologies in agriculture/farming

Agricultural Knowledge Platforms

  • AccessAgriculture: promote agroecological principles and rural entrepreneurship through capacity development and South-South exchange of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos in local languages
  • TriplePerformance. Open source agricultural knowledge & best practices.
  • SHERPA repository. SHERPA repository is a compilation of research outputs and findings from past and on-going projects related to rural areas. AUA is participating to this platform.
  • FAIRshare. Digital Tools for Farm Advisors. Browse through the collection of Digital Advisory Tools and Services. AUA is participating to this platform.
  • EU FarmBook. A collection of vetted best practices for farmers & foresters. AUA is participating to this platform.

EU/PRIMA/H2020 related projects


  • Direction des Services Agricoles (DSA). Wilaya d’Oran.