• NEWSLETTER #1 (Jun-22): benefits of Edge-Computing, what’s inside the starter-kit, how can I build my starter-kit, … and much more!
  • NEWSLETTER #2 (Nov-22): the INTEL-IRRIS Smallholder Piloting Program, improving the accuracy of low-cost sensors, extensive tests for calibration, the INTEL-IRRIS Irrigation WaziApp and WaziGate v2 is ready!

Nov. 13-14, 2022. University of Oran 1 (Pr. Bouabdellah Kechar) organized Smart Farming II.

Researchers, stakeholders & farmers are taking the opportunity to discuss on digitalisation of agriculture which is a top priority for Algeria. 

November 13th is dedicated to presentations & discussion.

Pr Congduc Pham presented the objectives, the challenges and the achievements of the INTEL-IRRIS collaborative project.

Get the slides in .pdf.

November 14th is dedicated to visit of farms and with demonstration of INTEL-IRRIS starter-kit deployment.

Sept. 28th, 2022. Pr M. Benkhelifa from UMAB gave a keynote talk at the MOSTA’EXPO 2022 international event to present the INTEL-IRRIS project. See the published article from Algérie Presse Service.

Congrats to our Algerian partners for this great visibility action!

Sept. 5th, 2022. A prototype of the embedded INTEL-IRRIS Irrigation WaziApp Application (IIWA) developed jointly by UPPA and WAZIUP e.V. is ready for testing. The latest INTEL-IRRIS WaziGate SD card image already includes IIWA.

Embedded on the INTEL-IRRIS WaziGate gateway, IIWA adds sensor calibration and agronomic/agricultural knowledge to provide more accurate irrigation notifications: sensor type, soil type, plant type,… can be defined to better calibrate the low cost soil humidity sensors.

When connected to the INTEL-IRRIS WaziGate’s WiFi, test it quickly by connecting to http://wazigate.local:5000 or



July 31st, 2022. Happy to announce that an interview of Pr Bouabdellah Kechar from University Oran 1 has been published by Algérie Presse Service. Pr Kechar presented the main objectives of INTEL-IRRIS and announced the launching of the Smallholder Piloting Program. 

Read the full article from Algérie Presse Service. Congrats to our Algerian partners for this great visibility action! Here is also the original article from Le Soir d’Algérie.

June 29th, 2022. Happy to announce that a press article on INTEL-IRRIS has been published by “La Vie Eco du Maroc”, following the event organized by our Moroccan partner INRA Rabat and INRA CRRA SETTAT. The journalist is Mrs Malika Alami.

Live version:

Congrats to our Moroccan partners for this great visibility action!

June 13th, 2022. Seminars on the application of the Internet of Thing and Machine Learning for Smart Precision Agriculture. Organized by Pr K. Baraka (ENSA Safi) and Pr J. Ezzahar (ENSA Safi and CRSA) at the International Water Research Institute (IWRI) of the University Mohammed 6 Polytechnic.

Download the pdf of presentations from the Seminars/Talks section.

June 9th, 2022. INTEL-IRRIS Smallholder Event organized by INRA CRRA SETTAT at the experimental domain of Sidi Aidi.

Great event targeting smallholders to present smarter irrigation techniques and the INTEL-IRRIS starter-kit to smallholders, stakeholders and startups! Dr Abdellah El Assaoui explained the principles of smarter agriculture in a very pedagogic and convincing way! 

June 8th, 2022. Scientific day on INTEL-IRRIS and the challenges of Irrigation 4.0. Organized by Tarik Benabdelouahab (INRA Rabat).

Download the pdf of presentations from the Seminars/Talks section. More photos are available on this Google Photo Album from INRA Rabat.

April 1st, 2022. Webinar on Irrigation 4.0 (french language). Organized by INRA with ENSA Safi, UORAN1 and UMAB. Animated by Pr Tarik Benabdelouahab (INRA).

Download the pdf of presentations from the Seminars/Talks section.

March 30th, 2022. Seminar on low-cost connected agriculture with 3 presentations (french language). Organized by ENSA Safi with INRA. Animated by Pr Kamal Baraka (ENSA Safi) and Pr Tarik Benabdelouahab (INRA).

Download the pdf of presentations from the Seminars/Talks section.

March 11th, 2022. Webinar on irrigation in small-scale agriculture (french language). Organized by INRA with ENSA Safi, UORAN1 and UMAB. Animated by Pr Tarik Benabdelouahab (INRA).

Download the pdf of presentations from the Seminars/Talks section.

Feb. 23rd, 2022. Production of first round of starter-kits for partners has begun!

Presentation of the starter-kit

Look at the non-technical video showing production at UPPA.

Feb. 3rd, 2022. Finally the INTEL-IRRIS PCBs has been received! They have the INTEL-IRRIS logo and project name on it!

Jan. 25th, 2022. First tutorial video showing how to build the outdoor INTEL-IRRIS soil sensor device. See the video on YouTube ( More videos in the Tutorials/Slides section.

On Dec. 14th, Pr. B. Kechar presented the
Intel-IrriS project at the Scientific Day on PRIMA projects at University Oran 1. 

View the .pdf of the presentation.

See a video of the presentation

See pictures from the event.

Dec. 8-9, 2021. Intel-IrriS had its first general meeting at UPPA with physical presence of AUA, IRD, UPPA and WAZIUP! The other partners were unfortunately on remote but we hope that next general meeting will be with all partners physically!

Nov. 26th, 2021. The generic soil sensor platform v0 has been released. See Results section.


Nov. 26th, 2021. PRIMA Intel-IrriS GitHub has been created! All software for soil sensor IoT platform with their associated tutorial resources will be available.

At Orange Radio Innovation Day that took place on November 10th, 2021, WAZIUP e.V. presented the latests trends in IoT and its experience in deploying IoT in Africa to empower local innovation.

Presentation by Corentin Dupont, Technical Director of WAZIUP eV.

First physical meetings with IRD and WAZIUP partners!

On Nov. 3rd, 2021, a technical meeting with UPPA (C. Pham) & IRD (C. Hartmann)  at IRD offices (Bondy, France) addressed the complex soil-water-plant interactions. IRD showed the various facilities they have to realize extensive tests on soil-water to calibrate low-cost sensors.

On Nov. 6-9, 2021, several technical meetings with UPPA (C. Pham) and WAZIUP team led by A. Rahim at WAZIUP office (Dresden, Germany) addressed communication materials, hardware development lines for Intel-IrriS’s starter-kit and the Edge-IOT AI-enabled gateway architecture.

Project kickoff meeting took place on June 23rd, 2021!

Presentation of the project: download pdf