The PRIMA INTEL-IRRIS coding challenge is starting on April 2023 and will end on July 31st, 2023. The purpose of the coding challenge is to improve the INTEL-IRRIS Irrigation WaziApp (IIWA) application. 

The current IIWA code developed by WAZIUP and UPPA defines a framework for a smart irrigation application running on the INTEL-IRRIS WaziGate. IIWA will provide the added embedded intelligence to accurately determine and view soil humidity levels of the deployed low-cost soil humidity sensors. Targeting the smallholder farmer communities, IIWA seeks to take into account multiple agriculture knowledge & parameters to embed them into the INTEL-IRRIS WaziGate. The sensor-gateway system will then work autonomously, mostly without Internet, to implement the “intelligent irrigation in-the-box” approach of the INTEL-IRRIS starter-kit.


The IIWA code that should be used for the coding challenge can be obtained from the IIWA challenge GitHub repository.