PRIMA INTEL-IRRIS and OurMED are investigating collaborations on sensing platforms

On Dec. 4th, 2023,¬† Congduc Pham presented the INTEL-IRRIS sensing platform to the PRIMA OurMED project consortium. One objective is to deploy some INTEL-IRRIS starter-kits on selected OurMED demo site where soil moisture & temperature data can be useful to collect. Various configurations can be foreseen, depending on the selected demo site. Updated information: on Dec. 11th, 2023, an INTEL-IRRIS […]

INTEL-IRRIS cost-effective sensors referenced by iEES Paris

The INTEL-IRRIS’s soil sensors based on the latest PCB with solar charging capability is referenced on the iEES instrumentation platform web site. iEES is the¬†Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris. The instrumentation platform works in close collaboration with researchers to design and improve instruments adapted to the specific needs of their ecology projects.