INTEL-IRRIS officially ends. It was 3 exciting years!

Today is the last day for INTEL-IRRIS project. It was 3 exciting years! You can get all the results & achievements, instructional videos & tutorials, deliverables (although some will be finalized in the next months), publications and browse all news as well as newsletters. The project ends but dissemination, valorization and collaborations activities are still continuing. We will keep posting some […]

Big day in Rabat with the final event!

The final event organized in Rabat on May 22nd was a great moment! It was the opportunity to present the achievements and experience with the Smallholder Piloting Program in Morocco. It was also the opportunity to thank and acknowledge the support and the invaluable help from the stakeholders without whom the Smallholder Piloting Program would not have been possible!  We had 3 […]

Big day in Oran with the final event!

The final event organized in Oran on May 9th was a great moment! It was the opportunity to present the achievements and experience with the Smallholder Piloting Program in Algeria.  Dr S. Jomaa, coordinator of the PRIMA OurMED project gave an exciting presentation, highlighting the urgent need to have a global management of the water resource.  The panel session animated […]

Preparing the final event in Oran!

INTEL-IRRIS is actively preparing the Final Event that will take place on May 9th, 2024 in Oran. Students are also mobilized to help. Everything is ready: posters, program flyers, … These are the last preparation to make this event a success!

Smallholder Piloting Program is interviewing new farmers

The Smallholder Piloting Program continues in Morocco with demonstration of the starter-kit and interviews of farmers on Feb. 21-23, 2024. These interviews focus on the User Interface and feedback are collected to improve the user experience of the data visualization components. More photos in the News section

Read the “The gateway to the future of the Mediterranean”

A publication from the European Union. “The Gateway to the Future of the Mediterranean explains the interplay between water, energy, food and the ecosystems in the region. Compelling illustrations and graphics employing a companion app give access to new audiovisual content, paintings and augmented reality features which create a unique user experience.”  Get it from


View INTEL-IRRIS NEWSLETTER #5 and provide feedbacks using the Reply feature. Content of NEWSLETTER #5 – January 2024 Starter-kit v3 is finalized! Order your fully assembled INTEL-IRRIS PCBv4.1 What about AI? Smallholder Piloting Program is accelerating!

PRIMA INTEL-IRRIS and OurMED are investigating collaborations on sensing platforms

On Dec. 4th, 2023,  Congduc Pham presented the INTEL-IRRIS sensing platform to the PRIMA OurMED project consortium. One objective is to deploy some INTEL-IRRIS starter-kits on selected OurMED demo site where soil moisture & temperature data can be useful to collect. Various configurations can be foreseen, depending on the selected demo site. Updated information: on Dec. 11th, 2023, an INTEL-IRRIS […]

INTEL-IRRIS cost-effective sensors referenced by iEES Paris

The INTEL-IRRIS’s soil sensors based on the latest PCB with solar charging capability is referenced on the iEES instrumentation platform web site. iEES is the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris. The instrumentation platform works in close collaboration with researchers to design and improve instruments adapted to the specific needs of their ecology projects.