• WP3. M36 D3.4b Final report on the Smallholders Piloting Program. To come.
  • WP3. M36 D3.5b Final report on the Farmer Training Program. To come.
  • WP3. M36 D3.6b Final report on evaluation and KPI assessment in pilots. To come.
  • WP4. M36 D4.3c Final report on communication, dissemination & engagement activities. To come.
  • WP4. M36 D4.4 Report on the Competitions and Challenges program. To come.
  • WP5. M36 D5.2c Final year report on partnerships, cooperations and synergies activities. To come.
  • WP5. M36 D5.3b Final report on capacity building and training materials. To come.
  • WP5. M36 D5.4 Perspective for long-term exploitation of project’s results. To come.
  • WP6. M36 D6.4 Final year report. To come.