New INTEL-IRRIS SD card image full of new features!

The new INTEL-IRRIS SD card image for the INTEL-IRRIS gateway is ready for download! It is built on the latest WaziGate framework. Congratulations to the whole WAZIUP team for all the new features that will make the WaziGate framework even more efficient and user-friendly! New WaziGate features includes: Better time management for edge computing mode, without Internet access An embedded […]

Presentation of INTEL-IRRIS starter kit for smallholder farmers in Mostaganem, Algeria

Pr M. Benkhelifa (UMAB) and his team organize an awareness-raising event taking place on March 7-8, 2023, in Mostaganem, Algeria, with support of local stakeholders  such as Mostaganem DSA (Direction des Services Agricoles). The Algerian partners (UMAB & UORAN1) with Pr. Congduc Pham (UPPA) will present the INTEL-IRRIS starter kit in from of smallholder farmers, local stakeholders and research partners. […]

Next generation of INTEL-IRRIS PCB!

Jean-François Printanier from IRD is working on the design of the next generation of the INTEL-IRRIS PCB: simpler wiring of capacitive and tensiometer sensors more robust power management of capacitive sensors includes a simple and low-cost electronic circuit to manage solar panel charging