Prototype of INTEL-IRRIS Irrigation WaziApp is ready for testing!

A prototype of the embedded INTEL-IRRIS Irrigation WaziApp Application (IIWA) developed jointly by UPPA and WAZIUP e.V. is ready for testing. The latest INTEL-IRRIS WaziGate SD card image already includes IIWA. Embedded on the INTEL-IRRIS WaziGate gateway, IIWA adds sensor calibration and agronomic/agricultural knowledge to provide more accurate irrigation notifications: sensor type, soil type, plant type,… can be defined to […]

Extensive tests of watermark-based devices with soil temperature have started!

We are starting extensive tests of watermark-based device with a soil temperature sensor which allows for centibar conversion at the device itself. 2 variants will be tested: a 1-watermark and a 2-watermark device. With 2 watermarks, water movement in the soil can be better determined. The objectives are to determine the best configuration tradeoff in terms of cost vs accuracy with […]