Training and Capacity Building with INTEL-IRRIS sensor devices

With the new PCBs (see Newsletters #4) INTEL-IRRIS will start a number of training and capacity building sessions with collaborators in countries with the same concern of saving the water resource as well as deploying environmental surveillance infrastructures: Panama, Laos, Thailand, Egypt, … are some countries where such training and capacity building sessions are currently planned for disseminating the INTEL-IRRIS’s developed technologies, well beyond the project’s consortium initial countries.

Participant to training sessions will start from basic Arduino & sensor programming to advanced understanding of IoT & LoRa technologies. In addition to the INTEL-IRRIS soil sensors, participants will connect various other sensors of increasing complexity to acquire full knowledge of microcontroller and physical sensor interaction.

Finally,  using the full INTEL-IRRIS devices in kit, they will be able to assemble and program their own sensor node for a real-world application with integration and low power constraints of battery-operated devices. 

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